Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15 is a lightly textured face & body sunscreen with a combination of sun filters and sun reflectors to provide an SPF of 15. Lactic alpha hydroxy acid improves the appearance of an uneven skin tone, hydrates, and decongests skin. A completely unique formulation that is specifically effective for those who experience dull skin, pigmented skin (sun spots), and breakouts!

Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15

  • Use: Morning & Evening

    • Apply to sun exposed areas 30 minutes before sun exposure over top of your ENVIRON AVST Moisturiser
    • Reapply regularly and liberally (every 1.5 to 2 hours)

    Pro Tips: 

    • Apply Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15 regularly and liberally for protection that matches the label and is a must for those using any Vitamin A (retinol) containing moisturisers or serums
    • Can be used on fave and body as well as worn under make-up!