This multifunctional masque , is formulated with charcoal and specific botanicals scientifically proven to assist in purifying the skin by absorbing impurities while soothing and protecting a compromised barrier function.
Directions for use : 
Apply a moderate layer to clean skin and allow to dry for up to 20 minutes . Rinse with tepid water , massaging in a circular motion to gently Polish skin . Use 2-3 times per week in the evening.
Store in a dry place . 
If any irritation is experienced, discontinue use.
Consult your skin care professional.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Close container after use .

Aqua, kaolin , glycerin, polyglyceryl -6 disterate, butylene , glycol, PEG-40, hydrogenated castor oil , cetyl alcohol , Shea butter , jojoba esters , rose of Jericho extract, charcoal powder , hydrogenated olive oil , olive fruit oil , sodium laureth sulphate , citric acid.

Environ Anti-Pollution Masque