This comforting, intensely moisturising cream is formulated to regulate the skin’s natural moisture levels. By replenishing the skin’s vital moisture barrier, the skin continues to benefit from improved hydration for up to 72 hours! 

The Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser protects the skin from everyday environmental stressors that can strip its natural moisture levels. Leaving the skin feeling richly nourished and pampered, you’ll also notice improved overall resilience.

Special Alert

Best used as a support for ENVIRON Vitamin A Cream by mixing or layering – book a skin consultation with one of our Skin Therapists to learn more here. Pro Tip: This formula is perfectly suited to irritated, reactive skin types and can help reduce sensitivity caused by the Vitamin A Healing Crisis. Also a perfect fit for those travelling on planes or in cold, dry climates!

Focus Care Moisture+ Super Moisturiser

    • It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and smooth.
    • It restores the effects of skin’s natural moisture balance of your skin and helps to prevent a tight, dried-out feeling.
    • Gives your skin a luxurious, silky after-feel